ChitoCare Beauty

Rediscover the beauty of your skin

Respect for the ocean lies deep in Icelandic culture. Responsible and sustainable use of marine natural resources is a key priority for Primex Iceland and the Icelandic nation as a whole. Primex Iceland is proud to present ChitoCare Beauty, true natural products of the North Atlantic Ocean.

Beauty-lotion-scrub_smlGreat care has been put into the development of the ChitoCare Beauty produtcs. Our first two products are Body Lotion and Body Scrub. All raw materials are hand picked by our beauty specialists with the aim to have the most effective and natural ingredients as possible. A key ingredient in our products is natural chitosan, manufactured in our science center in Siglufjörður, Iceland.

ChitoCare Beauty are the first cosmetics in the world to incorporate high concentration of certified natural wound healing chitosan with scientifically proven properties of healing, moisture control and film forming.

ChitoCare Beauty products all contain the same actives that have been the foundation for the success of ChitoCare Medical.

ChitoCare Beauty Body Lotion

This luxury Body Lotion is enriched with natural, deeply moisturizing and potent marine ingredients which hydrate your skin and leave it smooth, firm and radiant. Benefit from the wonders of the sea from the pure and untainted waters around Iceland and Mauritius Island to combat stressed, dry and dull skin. Chitocare-lotion-1-

With a touch of caffeine rich in antioxidants for stimulating microcirculation to fight skin fatigue and cellulite.

Beautiful properties:

  • Hydrates and softens
  • Protects the skin
  • Natural product

Appropriate for all skin types, including eczema and sensitive skin.

ChitoCare Beauty Body Scrub

Our Body Scrub is loaded with natural, deeply moisturizing and potent marine ingredients, which hydrates your skin and leaves it smooth firm and radiant. Chitocare-scrub

Moisturizing panthenol as well as strong concentration of chitosan - which is a natural wonder of the sea - protect and strenghten your skin. Perfect shower or bath treatment to recover the softness and beauty of your skin.

Appropriate for all skin types, including eczema and sensitive skin.

Unique materials:

  • Natural chitosan protects, strengthens and smooths your skin
  • Coffee and bamboo particles fight cellulite and stimulate microcirculation
  • Pantenol gives your skin strength and moisture